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2015-01-22 14:05:33


"Through this movie Jacky Desveronnieres alias YaKi, takes us into the rich and fabulous world of Afro-Cuban music. Fruit of fifteen years of work around the registry, this method introduces us simply and clearly to the discovery of the world it is true, a tad scary. Indeed looks like an enlightened friend, you must often a police dog to find the first time in this avalanche of percussion and intricate rhythms !

Fortunately YaKi is there for us and dissects each of the rhythms and instruments, making the world accessible to all musicians enthusiasts (whether amateur or professional) curious to discover new horizons. The drummers eager to work polyrhythm be served royally with fusions (mixtures) in various forms : two drums, three congas… etc. In short, if you want to know more about Cuban music, DVD available via the iTunes Store or is an absolute reference."

Thank you to Drums Magazine for this nice review.

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